Nonviolent Communication

What is that?

NVC helps us to get in touch with ourselves and with and our fellow human beings so that a natural empathy can develop again. By resolving conflicts and the associated feelings in a peaceful way, our quality of life improves.

NVC requires intense listening, respect, and empathy. It creates a mutual heartfelt desire to give.
NVC gradually builds up better contact in families, society, at work and in politics.


They know how to use nonviolent communication to communicate effectively.

They have strengthened their ability to engage in nonjudgmental observation.

You can perceive feelings and needs, name them and use them as a basis for win-win solutions.

You are able to turn anger, blame and self-blame into constructive action, thereby reducing stress levels.

They can use a repertoire of communication strategies that give them stability and order in challenging situations.

Target group

Reducing psychological pressure and relieving negative feelings can lead to inner peace through knowledge of new nonviolent communication strategies that are filled with love.

It facilitates integration into the new society.

This is one of our most important goals.

Some compassionate listening exercises have been done with women using nonviolent communication mechanisms with much joy and interest

Nonviolent Communication

Reducing psychological pressure, relieving negative feelings, knowing new mechanisms of non-violent communication, full of love, to achieve inner peace and integrate into the new society are among our most important goals.

Perhaps the most important application of NVC is in the way we treat ourselves. When we make mistakes, we can […] see where our opportunities for growth lie instead of getting caught up in moral self-deprecation.

Marshall Rosenberg