Cor Haneen

According to the motto, music is the nourishment of the soul, which also applies to singing. As Syrian women, the Syrian and Arabic folkloric songs are a part of our everyday life. They have accompanied us through thick and thin and actually played a consoling role in exile. That was the principle on which Haneen from Hamburg is based. Thanks to the Syrian German Women’s Association, the choir was founded on September 20th, 2019 in Hamburg to present the Hamburg member of the fan mile Haneen. The idea was first developed in Gaziantep and the choir then spread to Berlin and other German cities, then Canada, Finland and Austria. The choir is based on Syrian women, but many other Arab women have taken part, coming from Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia, German women have also taken part and of course all interested parties are welcome. The goal of the creation The goal of the creation of the Haneen Choir is to provide psychosocial support for those involved, to ensure the preservation of folkloric songs and their parts with the host country, ie to motivate and facilitate integration and cultural exchange with the new society. In addition, such projects promote the voluntary initiatives among us, the immigrants.

For about a year, the group has been practicing diligently in a comfortable atmosphere and under the supervision of a vocalist and a musician.
Meanwhile, the participants felt that it had a very positive impact on their lives. Some have been able to partially overcome homesickness and loss, relieve stress and negative energy, and feel comfortable and more tolerant.

Some were ashamed to sing in the audience or dared not sing solo when they would love to, so the choir has helped them to pursue their passion. The main point is that all choirwomen agree that singing has brought them fun, optimism and new hope

Meet Our Team

Dania Yakoub
Ebtisam Dik
Batoul Fneich
Tuhama Hasan
Wafaa Haj Ibrahim
Sana Al Touqi
Sawsan Darwisha
Fidaa Shabban
Kafiya AL-Qeddahi
Heifaa Atfeh
Rama Tabbaa
Nozha Kadoura
Hemren Oso