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A voluntary, non-profit Syrian-German women’s group

we all have a power that makes us unique, therefore we are all the same


Childhood is the good land where we can cultivate all impossible dreams hoping those dreams will come true. Children are the most important part of the future and those who are not interested in raising their children with love and truth have no future. The child has the right to get to know different areas of life, to learn and to experience everything new. We want to give our children the opportunity to learn together, go on trips together and practice activities together that lead to the creation of a team spirit among the children.

In the small world in which children live, there is nothing so clearly seen and felt by them as injustice.

Charles Dickens

Reggio Pädagogik 

100 languages

And yet there are a hundred
One child is made of a hundred. A child has a hundred languages, a hundred hands,
hundred thoughts
a hundred ways to think, play, speak. A hundred, always a hundred ways to hear
to marvel, to love
hundred joys
to sing and to understand.
Hundred worlds to discover
to invent a hundred worlds
a hundred worlds to dream
A child has a hundred languages
(and a hundred, a hundred, a hundred more), but ninety-nine are stolen from him.
School and culture separate his mind from his body.
you tell him
to think without hands
to act without head
only to hear without speaking
without understanding joys
Easter and Christmas only
to marvel and to love.
You tell him to
discover the world that already exists. And from a hundred
ninety-nine are stolen from him. you tell him
that play and work
reality and fantasy,
science and imagination, heaven and earth,
reason and dreams
are things that don’t go together. So he is told
that there are no hundred.
But the child says:
“And yet there are a hundred.”


The issue of women is the issue of all human societies, past and present. Not only do we master cooking, we also discuss life issues and exchange life experiences. A woman’s role is not limited to anything, she can do anything.

Millions of women around the world suffer in conditions of severe violation of their basic human rights and are targeted simply for being women.

Refugees are forced to flee and cannot safely return to their homes. Although migrants leave their homeland for understandable reasons, they mostly look for ways to improve their living conditions of their own accord. Unlike refugees, migrants can return to their homeland without endangering life or limb.


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